Main Point: Jesus died for us.
Summary: Jesus dies on the cross, which is the punishment for a criminal. Jesus had never done anything wrong, but he takes the punishment for our sins. Jesus is buried in a tomb, but three days after his death, his friends find his tomb empty! Then, Jesus – alive – shows up and talks to his friend Mary!
Activity Needs:  Markers/Crayons, “Jesus Figure” scissors, rubber band, tape, cardboard container like: creamer, milk, oj,
Family Dinner Discussion: What’s the best thing about Easter?

Continue the lesson throughout the week: Set up a reminder of Jesus’ death and resurrection this week.

  • Use a dry-erase marker to draw the outline of a cross on a mirror or window. (Don’t have a dry-erase marker? Draw it on paper instead and hang the paper.)
  • Throughout the week, encourage someone to find time each day to mark an “X” on the cross and talk to Jesus about his or her sin.
  • At the end of the week, look at the cross covered in Xs, representing sin.
  • Erase the cross (or tear down the paper), and celebrate together that our sins are gone and Jesus is alive!
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