Main Point: Jesus is the King.
Summary: Jesus and his disciples head toward Jerusalem. Two disciples get there first and borrow a donkey colt for Jesus to ride. He rides triumphantly down the road as the crowds spread palm branches and robes on the road in his path. They call out praises, declaring that Jesus is the King.
Story Needs:  2 pieces of paper, writing utensil
Activity Needs:  bowl, water, pepper, cotton ball, liquid dish soap.
Family Dinner Discussion: What would be the best part about being a king or queen?

Continue the lesson throughout the week: One day this week, lay some old towels along a hallway or common area of your house.

  • Whenever you pass by or walk on the path, remember that King Jesus lives in your house!
  • Praise him!
  • At the end of the day, pick up the towels and talk together about how you can honor Jesus as a King all the time.
Epic Teachings of the Bible
Palm Sunday (Life of Jesus).
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