Main Point: Jesus came to earth for us.
Summary: Mary and Joseph, engaged to be married, travel to Bethlehem for a census. While they are there, Mary gives birth to Jesus, God’s Son! Angels appear to tell shepherds the good news, and they rush to see this amazing baby—God in human flesh!
Supplies needed for Finger Puppets: Finger Puppet Print Out, Markers/Crayons
Supplies needed for Game: Two Oven Mitts, Two Dice, A well wrapped Present with a group gift: ie, candy canes, Christmas cookies …
Family Dinner Discussion: What’s one thing your family does at Christmas that makes you think about Jesus?

Continue the lesson throughout the week: Make special Christmas cards to help others know about the best gift ever: Jesus!

  • Fold a piece of paper in half.
  • Glue or tape ribbon in a cross pattern on the front of the card, and add a bow in the center so the card looks like the top of a Christmas present.
  • Decorate the paper around the ribbon to look like wrapping paper.
  • Make more cards!
  • On the inside of each card, write a variation of the Bible point: Jesus came to earth for you!
  • Distribute the cards to friends and family to help them know the best gift ever was Jesus coming to earth for them.
Epic Teachings of the Bible
Holiday Lesson – Christmas.
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