Main Point: God loves every age
Summary: On his travels, Paul meets a young man named Timothy.  Timothy joins Paul in his missionary work. Later, Paul writes encouraging letters to Timothy, reminding him not to let anyone look down on him for being young. God loves every age, and any age can set an example!
Supplies Needed for “Appearing Coins”: solid colored cup, water, quarter, penny.
Family Dinner Discussion:  If you could pick any age to be, what age would you pick? Why?
Continue the lesson throughout the week:
  • Using your smartphone, find an aging app that allows you to take your picture and then adjusts it to make you look older.
  • After you download the app, snap pictures of each family member.
  • Look at everyone’s old-person photo, and talk about what your life might be like when you’re that old.
  • Pray together that God will use each of you at the age you are now, when you’re old like your pictures, and every age in-between.
The Bible in One Year
Lesson 10: Acts: God Uses Timothy’s Gifts.
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