Main Point: Jesus want us to be with Him forever
Summary: the Bible tells us about heaven, an amazing place where there’s no more death, sadness, or pain. It’s beautiful, with golden streets and giant pearl gates. There’s a crystal-clear river flowing down the middle and an amazing tree on either side. It’s never dark in heaven because God’s brightness is constant! Best of all, heaven is where Jesus wants to be with us forever.
Supplies Needed for Object Lesson: balloon, penny
Family Dinner Discussion:  What excites you most about heaven?
Continue the lesson throughout the week: Decorate your house to look like heaven this week
  • Use blue sheets to make a river down your hall.
  • Tape giant paper “pearls” on all your doors.
  • Use gold wrapping paper to turn you main walkways into streets of gold.
  • Build mansions out of cardboard boxes.
  • Design “no sadness” & “no pain” signs.
The Bible in One Year
Lesson 13: Revelation: Jesus is Coming Back for Us.
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