Main Point: Kindness is a fruit of the Spirit
Summary: Three strangers visit Abraham, and he shows them kindness. He prepares the best food for them, gives them shade to rest in, and washes their feet. And it turns out they’re not just any visitors; they’re angels, and one is God himself! Wow!
Kindness Map Supplies:  Markers/Crayon, Ziplock Bag, Tape
Family Dinner Discussion: Tell about someone you wish would visit your house and how you would show that person kindness

Continue the lesson throughout the week: (Pretend to)Invite someone to your home for dinner this week.

  • Get everyone involved in the meal preparation in some way.
  • Have your kids think of ways to show kindness to your visitor, and do them.
  • (pretend) When your visitor arrives, shower kindness on them!
  • Let your child explain to your visitor that kindness is a fruit of the Spirit.
Epic Teachings of the Bible
Lesson Five – Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness.
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