Main Point: Goodness is a fruit of the Spirit
Summary: Zacchaeus, a tax collector, climbs a tree and end up having a meal with Jesus and learning goodness.
Goodness Activity:  Large paper bag, Several objects that feel good, Several objects that smell good
Family Dinner Discussion: What is one thing you’d call “good”?  Why?
Continue the lesson throughout the week: Be “good” to your geographical neighbors.
  • Assemble good-y bags fo candy or other fun items.
  • Write encouraging notes or draw pictures, and put them in the bags, too!
  • Tie the bags shut with ribbon, and loop the ribbon so you can hang each bag on a doorknob.
  • Surprise your neighbors by hanging the good-y bags on their doorknobs!
Epic Teachings of the Bible
Lesson Six – Fruit of the Spirit: Goodness.
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