The Gospels & Acts – Lesson Three


  1. Today’s lesson covers – Lesson 24 – 26 (pages 97-108) in “Enduring Faith:  30-Lesson Bible Overview”
  2. Watch the video below
  3. Read through pages 97-108 of workbook
  4. Email Homework
    Create (draw, play dough, legos, pipe cleaners, whatever art medium you choose) one the scenes the lessons covers from Passion Week – Resurrection.  Take picture and include 3 sentences on what you learned about it.
  5. Watch “1 Corinthians” Video – respond with 3 sentences on form at the bottom of the 2020-21 schedule page.
  6. Optional Challenge:  Read the book of Mark by the end of this four lesson unit.  With only 16 chapters, you can read a half chapter a day and be done in 32 days.
  7. SAVE THE DATE – Next Zoom Class – Sunday Nov 1 @ 4-5 PM
  8. Complete a “Worship Note” (in person or online) … 40 due by Rite of Confirmation