Growth Starts at Home

Spiritual Growth is about more than just Sundays.  Every two years from birth to age nine, we invite our families with children ages nine and younger to join us for a three week course on how to bring spirituality into their home in ways that are both meaningful and age-appropriate.

After each Faith Step, parents pray a guided blessing over their child during worship, and give them a gift to help them remember the spiritual discipline we discussed throughout our time together.

Every other class is offered every other school year.  (2016/17: Faith Chest, Worship Kit & Bible)

0-2 yr olds – Faith Chest

  • Creating a Christ-centered atmosphere at home
  • Blessing your child with words, trust, and prayer
  • Baptism

1-3 yr olds – Picture Bible

  • Sharing your faith with a 2 yr old
  • Being intentional and looking for teachable moments
  • Being God’s representative
  • Reading the Bible

3-5 yr olds – Worship Kit

  • Teaching your child how to worship God
  • Worship and Media – what’s filling your child’s mind?
  • Worshipping happens as both lifestyle and planned routine

5-7 yr olds – Towel & Basin

  • Having family devotions with a 6 yr old
  • Teaching servanthood by example
  • Using your gifts to serve
  • Teaching your child money management and tithing

7-9 yr olds – Bible

  • Having family devotions with your 8-year-old
  • Using the Bible in personal devotions
  • Helping your child learn to love reading the Bible)
  • Understanding the theme of the Bible

Youth – 6th– 12th grade

For our families with Middle to High School-aged kids, we gather annually for three weekly sessions to cover topics like communication, responsibility, sexuality, honor, dating, spiritual maturity, and more!

A Teenage Home Where Everybody Wins (And Nobody Kills Each Other)

  • Make the teen years great years by honoring each other
  • Create an atmosphere of honor
  • When in conflict, honor each other

What’s God Been Saying to You Lately?

  • God Wants to Speak to You Today
  • Be Intentional With a Plan
  • Connect as a Family

A Teenage Home Where Sex Isn’t a Dirty Word

  • Understanding Sex God’s Way
  • Understanding Sex the World’s Way
  • Practice Purity Together

Looking Ahead – Life After High School

  • What is God’s Purpose for My Life?
  • Becoming the You that You Were Meant to Be.
  • It’s Time to Plan

Enjoy the Ride! More Than Just a Driver’s License

  • God has a Plan for Growing Independence
  • Learn and Use the Language of Accountability and Trust
  • Clarify Expectations for Responsible Choices

Keeping God in Your Relationships

  • Keeping God in Your Friendships
  • Keeping God in Your Dating/Courtships
  • Keeping God in Your Marriage
  • Grandparents – Faith Journal

Leaving Home With a Faith That Sticks

  • Why Faith Doesn’t Stick
  • Who Am I? Who Cares?
  • We Need a Sticky Web—the Church!


Offered each year,  grandparents gather for 3 weeks to learn how to pass the story of their faith on to their grandchildren.

The Biblical Side of Grandparenting

  • Grandparenting Under Construction
  • Passing the Story of Faith
  • Tell Your Story