Sunday School @ Home

Check back here each Saturday morning for a new Sunday School @ Home video lesson.

Geared towards children 3 years to 5th grade.

If your family needs a Bible, please contact the church office for free Bible.

Sunday School

Sunday School 09.12.2020

JESUS TALKS TO THE PHARISEES Matthew 26:6-13 Main Point: Jesus appreciates our love. Summary: A woman pours a valuable jar of perfume over Jesus' head.  The disciples are mad, thinking this is a waste of money.  But Jesus sees it as an act of love, and Jesus appreciates our love.  He says this woman's act will be remembered forever. Supplies…
September 11, 2020
Sunday School

Sunday School 09.06.2020

JESUS TALKS TO THE PHARISEES Matthew 22:34-40; 23:1-36 Main Point: Jesus doesn’t want us to pretend to love him. Summary: The Pharisees often try to trick Jesus into saying something wrong. In this story, they try to trick him by asking him what the most important commandment is. Jesus gives a great answer and then talks about how hypocritical they…
September 4, 2020