Summer Reading Program

How it works

Pick an age category that best suits your child’s age or reading ability (Click one of the two boxes below)
Read the Bible Stories & selected Children’s Books (3-8 yr olds) or Bible Stories (8-12 yr olds)
Log your selection
Win Prizes
Need a Bible or Children’s Story Bible?  Trinity would love to gift one to your family.  Just let us know.


  • 3 -8 year olds
    15 Bible Stories & 15 corresponding Children’s Books = Ted Drewes Gift Certificate
    30 Bible Stories & 30 corresponding Children’s Books = City Museum Gift Certificate
  • 8-12 year olds
    58 Bible Stories = Ted Drewes Gift Certificate
    116 Bible Stories = City Museum Gift Certificate

Limited number of prizes available.  See DCE Andrea limitations

Summer Reading

3-8 Year Olds

How It Works Each Bible Story has a selection of Children's Books that correspond with the theme of the Bible Story. Pick a Bible Story and a corresponding Children's Book. Read both. Log it below. Win prizes. When reading the Bible Stories you can choose between, from the Bible OR from a Children's Story Bible.  If you need either, Trinity…
May 26, 2021
Summer Reading

8-12 Year Olds

How It Works Read the following Bible Stories from the Bible. Log each below. Win prizes. If you need a Bible, Trinity would love to gift one to your family. The Summer Reading Program runs from June 1 - August 31, 2021 Prizes Read half of this list (58 Bible Stories) - Ted Drewes Gift Certificate Read full list (116…
May 26, 2021