April 7 – Love as Connection to God

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God is a verb.  A relationship.  When a river is disconnected from its source, its water becomes stagnant; it becomes toxic and unable to support the ecosystem that depends on it.  In order for streams and souls to stay healthy, they have to be connected to the wellspring that gives them life.  This Sunday, we’ll dive into the many ways we stay connected to the Source of all that is; the One God who wants us to know Him, and to be awakened to the reality that we are deeply loved by Him. (John 8:54-55) Insert Text

About the Author
Josh Hatcher is a devoted husband and father, hopeless wonder-junkie, and Senior Pastor of Historic Trinity Lutheran Church – an open and caring, radically Christ-centered, deeply sacramental and sometimes eclectic ministry in the heart of the Soulard neighborhood of St. Louis.


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